In the last week I have had a couple of meetings where I have been able to listen to some mentors speak. I enjoy these, they bring out the best in people and in most cases when you see a breakthrough in someone ready for change. It most sessions they let you know of the struggles and how they were just like you, it inspires people. But one of the things I like most is they talk about the work and dedication that it took to get where they are. The WORK and DEDICATION it took to get where they are. That’s what I listen for, I helps me know how hard I am going to have to work…. Times 10.  Its the same thing everywhere you look in the success world. Work and Dedication. The last chapter of The Richest Man in Babylon was all about it and how it freed and kept slaves alive and doing the easier jobs to save their backs. Make work your best friend and whatever you are setting out to do will be finished.

The other big things they talked about was doing what needed to done when it need to be done. Put it as “Don’t do bullshit all day and expect anything different. Hold yourself accountable.” Sounds simple right, well it is. Just need to humble yourself to decide if you are really doing everything it takes to be successful. After this I started making more of a schedule than I ever have. I try to stick to it, but the more I go the task list works better for me now. Since I am being pulled in many different directions. I am just going to keep practicing though, I want to get better so when I do have appointments I make them on time.  Another part of this is not worrying about things and do something about the reason why with the extra time that you have not worrying.

So here is the motivational part. We all had to start somewhere. The difference is the successful don’t quit, they continue til the job is finished. The amount of work you put in now will determine the amount of time it takes to achieve your goal. Might sound like a lot of work, but think about this. The best part of what I wrote above is that it has nothing to do with anyone but you. There are no other variables in this post. Work Hard, Do what You Need to Do! Surround yourself with the correct people and your task becomes much easier.

Just finished the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Its been a book that I have heard of for quite some time but have never read it. It was a fair book with some great points but was hard to read at times with the grammar that was used. I so not think this one will sit very well with today’s youth. I don’t know how many of the points the author was trying to reach account for how the modern world is ran and how easily you can finish some things with imagination. Example: think I even talked about this in my last post, Owning your home or owning your car will not help you create money success. With so many ways to lease cars and transportation companies like Uber and Lyft make it more common for people not to own a car in big cities. With the rising costs of car payments and insurance its not a crazy thing to think about going public trans. The part with why leases look smart these days is this… Cars are now in the technology world. Did you know buy the end of next year it is standard to have a back up cam on all new cars enforced by the US government safety? This is a good thing, I think. But my point is with technology going the way it is you might want to upgrade more frequently than we used to in the past. Then there is the cost of fixing cars when they break, issue solved with a lease. Remember the mileage part of leases, these can be the one part I believe to stay clear if you drive a lot.

I just read an article about a guy that has been living in the shell of his truck for all of college. I definitely don’t think you need to own your home for long term success. This kid sounds successful in what he is trying to do. Again things have changed, you can rent a room in about every american city. A lot of them you can find for pretty cheap. Sometimes I believe that owning a home hinders some young couple and individuals from obtaining lifelong money success. Again repairs, insurance, the almighty Taxes and you can start to see the rising costs of owning your own home. There is a lot of stress you can unload by just renting from the right landlord.

Now there are a lot of things to agree with. Usually wealth does not happen overnight, it is good to start saving 10% of your income now. You will be amazed at how fast it grows and then what you can do with just 10% of your earnings.It also talk about doing whatever means necessary to not lose that percentage once you have it, Beware of bad investments. Trust investors to investing and only get your advice from experts on the subject you seek. Make your money make money, which I believe is a hard thing to get going. But once you get this going I think is the most important part of growing rich. It can be hard to find different ways to invest your money, especially if you are trying to invest wisely.

Overall not a bad book, I just don’t know why all the hype. These points are made in many more books I have read, many of them more influential than this one. It was a fairy short read so if you have a day with nothing to do you may want to pick this one up.

I wanted to post on here about a book I just started. Looks like I need to post more and read a little less. This was another book on how to master success. This one was pointed more towards money success and changing your family tree. The most of the book was yourself 2.Get good advice 3.Don’t hesitate. It had many more points but these seem to be common in most books of success. Especially number 1, it suggest at least 10% to be put aside for future investments. I do strongly agree with most of the points of this book. One lesson that I don’t necessarily agree with is that you should own your home. I own my home, from other books that I have read I still can see how it is not always a good thing. Hear me out, when you own a home do you really own it or does the bank? On top of the payment you are paying to the bank (rent to a tenant) there is tax to big brother and don’t forget all the repairs and maintenance on a home. I can see both of the coin on this. But the three lessons above mentioned are a must. Going along with my last post number 3 is a very important one. Don’t wait go now. I will post when I finish to give an overall summary of this book.


As a side note, I am starting a business with a friend of mine. So along with updates about books I will also talk about starting a company and the challenges we face and overcome. We will see how my small 10% will grow, and if all this reading is doing any good. I feel we will be successful. I will write more about it once it gets off the ground. Check back soon, see you then.

Welcome to the Unstuck Company! I am here to help other business owners with a place they can come and ask questions and get them answered.

We also look forward to hearing from members with a wealth of knowledge for all of us to hear. I will be talking about my successes and my ways to not do things. I will be passing the messages of my mentors, and they way they apply to my life. Also will be talking about books or certain messages from them. Feel free to challenge what I have learned, I am always looking for input to find ways to better my methods. At this time I feel I have helped others to get them what they want. Now it’s time for mine, and that is what sparked this life change and this blog.

I am from Utah, (read more under About Me) will be talking mostly with people from that region. But feel free to comment or ask questions from anywhere. I have been part of a few different start-ups and carried a big role in each.

First Lesson that I am reading now, is to increase your action, Work harder than the top of your industry. Always dominate your sector, don’t be a competitor. I have always been a believer that we can control more than we know. Call it sub conscious or “just knowing” but I know hat we all have what it takes inside of us to make everything you touch successful. Whether it be business, personal, with your family or your marriage. The trick is finding it inside of you. I have created success and I have also allowed myself to be unsuccessful. the difference between the two was where my mind was at, and how I let it control my success or lack there of. I am not saying to be successful you have to feel it.

Truth is there is more action than any other aspect in business, be it money, product or timing to create something that is truly successful. Action creates money. Action creates clients to get your product to.  And there is never a better time than now to act on your business and make it happen!

Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to the journey of success together.