Welcome to the Unstuck Company! I am here to help other business owners with a place they can come and ask questions and get them answered.

We also look forward to hearing from members with a wealth of knowledge for all of us to hear. I will be talking about my successes and my ways to not do things. I will be passing the messages of my mentors, and they way they apply to my life. Also will be talking about books or certain messages from them. Feel free to challenge what I have learned, I am always looking for input to find ways to better my methods. At this time I feel I have helped others to get them what they want. Now it’s time for mine, and that is what sparked this life change and this blog.

I am from Utah, (read more under About Me) will be talking mostly with people from that region. But feel free to comment or ask questions from anywhere. I have been part of a few different start-ups and carried a big role in each.

First Lesson that I am reading now, is to increase your action, Work harder than the top of your industry. Always dominate your sector, don’t be a competitor. I have always been a believer that we can control more than we know. Call it sub conscious or “just knowing” but I know hat we all have what it takes inside of us to make everything you touch successful. Whether it be business, personal, with your family or your marriage. The trick is finding it inside of you. I have created success and I have also allowed myself to be unsuccessful. the difference between the two was where my mind was at, and how I let it control my success or lack there of. I am not saying to be successful you have to feel it.

Truth is there is more action than any other aspect in business, be it money, product or timing to create something that is truly successful. Action creates money. Action creates clients to get your product to.  And there is never a better time than now to act on your business and make it happen!

Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to the journey of success together.

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