Book Entry

I wanted to post on here about a book I just started. Looks like I need to post more and read a little less. This was another book on how to master success. This one was pointed more towards money success and changing your family tree. The most of the book was yourself 2.Get good advice 3.Don’t hesitate. It had many more points but these seem to be common in most books of success. Especially number 1, it suggest at least 10% to be put aside for future investments. I do strongly agree with most of the points of this book. One lesson that I don’t necessarily agree with is that you should own your home. I own my home, from other books that I have read I still can see how it is not always a good thing. Hear me out, when you own a home do you really own it or does the bank? On top of the payment you are paying to the bank (rent to a tenant) there is tax to big brother and don’t forget all the repairs and maintenance on a home. I can see both of the coin on this. But the three lessons above mentioned are a must. Going along with my last post number 3 is a very important one. Don’t wait go now. I will post when I finish to give an overall summary of this book.


As a side note, I am starting a business with a friend of mine. So along with updates about books I will also talk about starting a company and the challenges we face and overcome. We will see how my small 10% will grow, and if all this reading is doing any good. I feel we will be successful. I will write more about it once it gets off the ground. Check back soon, see you then.

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