Motivational Post

In the last week I have had a couple of meetings where I have been able to listen to some mentors speak. I enjoy these, they bring out the best in people and in most cases when you see a breakthrough in someone ready for change. It most sessions they let you know of the struggles and how they were just like you, it inspires people. But one of the things I like most is they talk about the work and dedication that it took to get where they are. The WORK and DEDICATION it took to get where they are. That’s what I listen for, I helps me know how hard I am going to have to work…. Times 10. ¬†Its the same thing everywhere you look in the success world. Work and Dedication. The last chapter of The Richest Man in Babylon was all about it and how it freed and kept slaves alive and doing the easier jobs to save their backs. Make work your best friend and whatever you are setting out to do will be finished.

The other big things they talked about was doing what needed to done when it need to be done. Put it as “Don’t do bullshit all day and expect anything different. Hold yourself accountable.” Sounds simple right, well it is. Just need to humble yourself to decide if you are really doing everything it takes to be successful. After this I started making more of a schedule than I ever have. I try to stick to it, but the more I go the task list works better for me now. Since I am being pulled in many different directions. I am just going to keep practicing though, I want to get better so when I do have appointments I make them on time. ¬†Another part of this is not worrying about things and do something about the reason why with the extra time that you have not worrying.

So here is the motivational part. We all had to start somewhere. The difference is the successful don’t quit, they continue til the job is finished. The amount of work you put in now will determine the amount of time it takes to achieve your goal. Might sound like a lot of work, but think about this. The best part of what I wrote above is that it has nothing to do with anyone but you. There are no other variables in this post. Work Hard, Do what You Need to Do! Surround yourself with the correct people and your task becomes much easier.

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