Why should you care about what Owen writes anyway?

Wasatch Mountains

Welcome, My name is Owen. I am a 26 yr old male that is starting a property management business. I aspire to open more than one and would like to help others and increase my knowledge on business and better practices to make it easier when I come across that road. Along with most of my family I have spent most of my years in construction and sales. I enjoy them both which lead me to property maintenance. I have a vision of helping small businesses in the area more successful also by our networking with one another.

We will be hearing from other entrepreneurs in this blog and the experiences they have overcome. I feel it is my duty in life to be successful, I also believe that success is measured within and should be what one strives after for personal happiness. I read a lot of book sand will refer to them often. I read sales books and self improvement. I also love to read about the subject of goals, I feel that goals are an intricate part of creating success and making sure it sticks around. So if you don’t I would start to write them down daily.

I grew up along the beautiful Wasatch Front in Utah. Live on the Eastside of Salt Lake City now in a town house. Love the mountains and the outdoors, never been much of a hunter but I do love guns. I am going to go ahead and answer the question on your mind. No, we are all not Mormon from Utah. I do not have more than one wife and there’s more things to do in Utah to last you a lifetime. So yes, there are a lot of things to do. Yes we have more than one bar and we enjoy them regularly.

Its time to start spreading some success and crating our own luck! After all, LUCK= Labor Under Correct Knowledge. Look forward to growing my business and also talk about yours and hearing about your success.

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